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E. Yvonne Lewis, BS, BBA


Through the National Center, Yvonne serves as the lead consultant, facilitating community education sessions that highlight social determinants of health and provide resources for under-served Black & Brown communities. Through partnerships across the country, she works to ensure that all people who need and desire healthcare have access.

Her other commitments include:

Working as the Outreach Director for the Genesee Health Plan, a non-profit health organization, in Genesee County, MI, she identifies and supports efforts to engage the most difficult to reach population groups in the community.  This includes the development of focused programs to meet identified needs, health fairs, information and education sessions, health screening and healthcare enrollment opportunities.


Serving as one of the Co-Director of the Healthy Flint Research Coordinating Center, a Community/Academic Partnership with Community, Michigan State University, the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and Flint Campuses. Yvonne also Chairs the Board of Directors of the Genesee Community Health Center, Federally Qualified Health Center, as well as a member of other community-based organization advisory councils.

Yvonne assisted in the development of and moderated the University of Michigan-Flint, Water Crisis Course. The Water Crisis Course focused on the issues of the Flint Water Crisis and provided a platform for the voice of community to be heard. Approximately 1000 individuals attended the Winter 2016/Spring 2017 sessions. 


Yvonne was responsible for chairing several community-based efforts at both the state and national level that had significant impact on community engagement. These included: the Michigan Multicultural Network, engaging the 5 major ethnic groups (African American, Latino/Hispanic, Arab/Chaldean, Native American and Asian American) in an organized statewide tobacco campaign that focused on prevention programs for youth; the 5 county cancer initiative, Improving Cancer Outcomes of African Americans in Michigan; developing the process for organizing the National Community Committee for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Prevention Research Centers, serving as a founding member and initial chair; she was a founding member of the American Public Health Association, Caucus for Public Health and the Faith Community.


At the local level, Yvonne has a long history of community leadership in Flint, serving on Boards and Committees, in addition to serving as the Executive Director for two non-profit organizations (1999 – 2014). Yvonne serve as the Community Principle Investigator for the Flint Center for Health Equity Solutions funded by the National Institutes of Minority Health Disparities. Every Monday morning 10:30AM -11:00AM she hosts the radio program "Yvonne & You" on WFLT 1420 (Flint, MI), which provides information to elevate consciousness and change the community one heart at a time.

Building Healthy Families and Strong Communities

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